TMax on GF670 in CA Gold Country

I visited the gold country above the central valley in Northern California, making stops at Knights Ferry, Railtown 1897 and Columbia Historic National Park. These were shot with the Fuji GF 670 on TMax 400.

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2 Responses to TMax on GF670 in CA Gold Country

  1. schnaxxl says:

    hi I’m getting multi-multi emails from you I don’t want to unsubscribe but they’re clogging up my in box thanks Stefan


    • revdocjim says:

      My apologies! My photo gallery page got way too heavy with multiple galleries, taking close to a minute to load even with a fast internet connection. So I’m going back and redoing each gallery as a separate post. Unfortunately that means subscribers get notified. I’m not sure if three is any way to change this. But the good news is that I’ve just finished posting all my old galleries so from now on there will be email notifications only when I shoot another roll of film and post the results. Once again, I’m really sorry for the flood of emails.

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