500 Faces

I love the collection of stone images at the Jobokuin Temple near our house. The expressions on the faces are just amazing! It’s easy to spend a lot of time there just looking at them, one after another. Today I took the Pentax 645N and two lenses. First I shot a roll of HP5+ with the 200/4. I left it wide open for almost everything. Next I shot a roll of the cheapest 120 film on the face of the planet, Arista Edu Ultra 400 with the 35/3.5. As usual, the Arista film came out with some imperfections. This time there are straight, horizontal line in the upper right part of several frames. It seems like it’s something different every time but Arista always has some sort of problem.

Anyway, I think I like the closeup angles and framing of the 200mm more than the wide angle for this particular subject. This was my second time to shoot these statues and I imagine I’ll be back again before too long.

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