The Camera That Changed The World!

That’s what I always tell myself when I see a clean copy of the Minolta Alpha 7000 on the shelf. I suppose the fact that they are usually priced at somewhere between $3 and $5 may be a factor as well, but for some reason I seem to have accumulated four or five of these cameras. But honestly, it is a camera that changed the world; at least the world of photography. This was the first widely marketed AF camera. There were a few earlier attempts but the Alpha 7000 was the first camera to actually have a modern AF system and a complete set of lenses to go with it. It was a huge shift for Minolta, requiring that they abandon the mount they’d used for decades and they risked alienating a huge user base. But in the end it was a total game changer and it worked to their advantage. They sold a ton of these cameras and within a few short years every other major manufacturer had switched to AF as well. The only other big change that could compare would be the shift from film to digital. But that was more gradual, and it started with some absolutely horrendous and insanely expensive cameras. The Minolta Alpha 7000 was reasonably priced and they absolutely nailed it in terms of design, performance and image quality.

OK, enough already! Even though I love buying and owning this camera it rarely gets used. So today I slapped on the Minolta 85/1.4, loaded a roll of Neopan 100 Acros and headed out in the slop. Yesterday we had a record snowfall, but the snow changed to rain and the mercury pounded upwards so by afternoon it was like 30cm of spilled slurpy everywhere!

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