Bad Light, Cheap Film; but I’m Still Having Fun!

The walk between Akihabara and Ochanomizu is a lot closer than most folks realize. In the time it takes to go into either station, buy a ticket, walk up or down stairs to the platform, wait for a train, ride the one stop, get off and hit the stairs again and find your way to the ticket gate you probably could easily walk it. From my house getting to Ochanomizu is a lot quicker and easier than Akihabara, so I typically just walk the last part.

Today it was cloudy an late in the afternoon but as I walked thru Akihabara and found my way to Ochanomizu I loaded a roll of the world’s cheapest 120 film, Arista Edu Ultra 400, into the distinctly not so cheap Fuji GF670 and found ten scenes to capture. Under the elevated JR tracks there are some old buildings with a lot of character. The intermingling of the river, train tracks and old buildings makes for some fun shooting.

But the results reminded me once again why I’m not crazy about Arista film. I bought ten rolls of it last winter and I think this might have been my last roll. In particular I don’t like the blacks. I don’t know if I could do a better job developing this emulsion, but I just used the same procedure I use for all other monochrome films. Yet the blacks are really grainy, rather splotchy and all around ugly. I tried to compensate in post processing to a degree but it still isn’t very pretty. It just reminds me of how much I like Tri-X and HP5+ (and T-Max for that matter)!

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