Airport Open Space

Security measures are at an all-time high in Tokyo this week. Mr. Obama paid a visit to Mr. Abe and they enjoyed the world famous Mr. Jiro’s sushi in the Ginza. Barry claimed it was the best sushi he’d ever tasted! I can’t help but wonder if Chef Jiro slipped at least one cut of whale meat into the evening’s menu… If you’ve never had it I heartily recommend it, as long as it isn’t one of the endangered species. But then again, several species of endangered tuna are featured on practically every sushi menu in the world. But wait a minute… what does this have to do with the photos below? Actually, nothing. It’s just that even though security is very tight right now, and even though an airport would be the most likely place for heightened security measures, on Thursday I walked around the international departure lobby of Haneda Airport and snapped photos right in front of the security police and all. Needless to say, I didn’t get hassled by anyone. These days I’m afraid to take photos in any U.S. airport, much less one where the president is in town! My intention was to try out my newly acquired 300/4 ED but I ended up mostly using the 75mm on the Pentax 645N. Airports are actually a lot of fun to shoot because there is so much indoor open space. Huge buildings, high ceilings… all very photogenic! I went out to the observation deck and got a few shots of airplanes with the 3oomm but found the indoors more interesting.

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