Blending In

How easy is it for a photographer to blend into the crowds and go about the business of capturing images without standing out and grabbing everyone’s attention? I know this isn’t a real concern for seasoned street photographers, but for the shy and timid like me it is always at the fore of my thoughts. I tend to carry big, medium format cameras, and on this particular day the big camera had a very big lens attached to the front of it. Maybe if I just snap shots real quick, folks won’t notice… but alas, this is a manual focus lens with a manual aperture ring. Definitely not conducive to quick shooting! Factor in a couple of details like my appearance (white male, 6’3″) and the location (downtown Tokyo) and perhaps you begin to appreciate my predicament. Nevertheless, I was actually rather pleased with the entire experience and even got a few decent images out of it! This was the first full roll I shot with my new lens!

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