No Particular Reason

Sometimes I plan a photo shoot. It may involve going to a specific location, waiting for a particular time of the year, getting together with certain people, attending some sort of event, setting up gear and more. Other times I shoot specifically to test out a piece of gear. Recently I got two new lenses and shot several rolls with each one. But these aren’t the only times I take photos. Sometimes I look at one of my cameras and simply get the urge to take it in hand and go make some images.

Case in point: yesterday I had to go to the bank. I had the choice of driving (almost always a poor choice), riding a bike (the most common choice in this case) or walking. The weather was lightly overcast but pleasantly warm so I grabbed the Mamiya 6 and the standard lens, loaded a roll of Tri-X and just walked. It’s a walk I’ve done so many times with so many cameras that the challenge is finding anything of interest that I haven’t already photographed multiple times. But I guess those kinds of challenges are good. Although I do confess to taking a few unoriginal shots, it was still fun. And then in the evening I enjoyed developing the film as well. I was reminded again of why I like Tri-X so much, and especially why I like Fujifilm’s Super Prodol Developer so very much. I’ll take it over any of the other developers I’ve tried (D-76, HC-110, Ilfosol 3, T-Max) in a heartbeat!

I found myself drawn to the older looking things I spotted on my walk. In particular the flimsy bamboo fences deformed by massive tree trunks seemed almost comical. And more than that, I just reminded myself of the joys of photography when it’s done for no particular reason.

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