Odd Looking Accessory

Snooping around the junk section at Fujiya Camera often yields rather interesting finds. Case in point the other day; I was looking thru the old lenses, played with a $75 TLR and a $200 Leica MIII etc. and then I spotted this gem. I had known for some time that the New Mamiya 6 system had a close up adapter. In fact a couple years ago I saw one listed online at Fujiya and ordered it. The week it was supposed to be delivered I was up in Tohoku doing tsunami relief work so I asked them to deliver it to the volunteer base camp in the city of Kesennuma. It arrived and I immediately realized that it had been mislabeled because it was for the Mamiya 7. Dejected, I returned it and sort of forgot about the whole thing. Then the other day I see this odd looking accessory on the shelf and after reading the print on it, realized that this was in fact the proper close-up adapter for the New Mamiya 6. It was priced at something like $85 without any case, box or instructions… I did a quick google search and the first article I encountered was about a guy who bought one of these for $50 and turned around and sold it for $500!! Yup, I bought it. :)

I’ve read up a bit more on it and learned that it doesn’t have a very good reputation. It only reduces the mfd from 1m to 50cm, it only yields a magnification ratio of about 1:6 and it only works on the 75mm standard lens. So all around, it’s a decidedly mediocre product. But I’ve also read reviews that it produces very sharp images. So anyway, I decided to give it a try yesterday with a roll of Neopan 100 Acros in soft golden hour light. It would probably be better to shoot nicer subjects on slide film, and also it would be most helpful to do a direct comparison with the 150mm lens but maybe some other day.

The adapter is extremely distinctive in appearance. I’ve never seen anything like it. Sort of like a miniature tele-prompter on the front of your camera. But I can definitely verify that it works, and that the images are reasonably sharp. Any lack of sharpness in the photos below is probably the result of user error; as these were all handheld, some were shot wide open, and at slow shutter speeds.

First a look at the beast.

And now for some of the shots from yesterday’s roll of Acros.

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