A Rather Special Lens

Call me sentimental. But there are certain items in my camera and lens collection that inspire an emotional connection. I won’t list all of them here but it is safe to say that the four medium format cameras I’ve settled on are all very special cameras in my book. They are the ones to which I feel genuinely attached and committed. And then there are the lenses… I have a whole box full of lenses for the Pentax 645N, but if I had to choose two over the rest, they would undoubtedly be the 35/3.5 and the 300/4 ES. So a couple weeks ago I loaded a roll of Tri-X and attached the 35/3.5 and took it for a stroll. 35mm on medium format is extremely wide, but this 35mm lens is a gem! Have a look for yourself.



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2 Responses to A Rather Special Lens

  1. James Harr says:

    Very nice shots! Thanks for sharing.


    I also have the 35mm for my 645n. It is truly a marvel! Very sharp and minimal distortion.

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