Summer is Here

I was at the airport seeing off some good friends. It turned into quite an ordeal when 7 or 8 people showed up to see them off. And the most entertaining part for all but two was the tearful separation of those two lovebirds. Perhaps you can guess which ones they are from the photos.  Actually I hadn’t really planned to take photos that day and yet the light in airports is almost always really good and the crowd was distinctly good so suddenly I was struck with the desire to make pictures. Alas, the only camera I had on me was the Mamiya 6. I found a roll of Tri-X in my shoulder bag and decided to go for it.

But I didn’t quite finish the roll. So a couple days later I happened to visit a summer festival at a Buddhist temple in the neighborhood where I grew up. I took along the Mamiya 6 and finished the roll. I also ended up withing I had brought another roll. I just love shooting those sorts of night scenes. It took me a few days to get around to developing, but when I did I was once again absolutely thrilled with the results I get from Tri-X 400 and Fuji SPD. Of course, that old camera isn’t too shabby either! :)


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