The ultimate medium format hiking camera:

Perhaps “medium format hiking camera” is an oxymoron. After all, if portability and compactness are your priorities (which they often are for hikers and mountain climbers) why would you choose medium format in the first place? Well, that is almost an existential question; one that deals with intangibles. So I’m going to leave that one alone and just assume that somewhere in the world there are people who want to take medium format cameras up into the mountains with them. So my point is simply this… if one is determined to shoot medium format in 6×7 or 6×6 format, perhaps one of the best suited tools would be the Fuji GF670. What!? It doesn’t even have exchangeable lenses! That’s right. But neither to my eyes. They are strictly fixed focal length, so what’s the problem with shooting photos that way?

Last week portability and compactness were high on my list as I packed for a quick trip to the U.S. Our youngest was heading off to college so I went with him and helped him move. I wanted to take minimal luggage so I grabbed the GF670 without a moment’s hesitation. After getting my son moved into student housing we had a couple opportunities to go hiking and exploring. The school is in Orem, UT so we drove up the Provo Canyon to the Bridal Veil Falls (yes, I know there are waterfalls of the same name in numerous other places…)

There was a little bit of direct light on the falls and surrounding rockface but most everything else was in the shadows. I shot a roll of HP5 Plus and then as we were heading home in the car a strange phenomenon occurred. A heavy thunder storm was fast approaching from the west. The setting sun was somehow shining thru and under the storm, turning the entire western sky yellow. But the light was also directly hitting the mountain top cliffs above the waterfall, illuminating them in a surreal explosion of golden hour light. Fortunately I capture a number of images with my digital camera. But what you see here is the monochrome stuff I took before the last hurrah.

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