Shooting Mostly Blind

I recently picked up yet another Asahi Pentax 35mm body, the lovely little SL. The mirror was sticking so I did a quick lube job and promptly took it out in some really nasty weather. The temperature was right around freezing and the wind was simply howling along the lakeshore where I was walking. After a few frames the mirror quit working again. I decided to take a few more shots anyway, which meant just pointing the camera in the general direction I wanted and hoping the composition was somewhere close. I also had to set the focus by relying on the distance meter on the lens… I’m not sure if the shutter curtain was working entirely correctly either since several of the frames were a bit washed out and blurry on the right hand side. I did what I could in PP and was pleased to find that some of the frames actually weren’t all that bad. I look forward to shooting an entire roll the normal way once I give the camera another cleaning and lubrication.


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