Nostalgic Passages

On a recent trip to Ohio I had the chance to visit a number of covered bridges and they make great photo subjects. Ashtabula County in particular, has made an effort to put itself on the map with their covered bridges, and currently they  have the most of any county in Ohio, including the longest covered bridge in the U.S. and the shortest covered bridge in the world. Many of these bridges are not historical, having been built in the last 20-30 years. But at the same time a number of them are quite old. The first covered bridge I visited this time was the Teegarden Centennial Covered Bridge in neighboring Columbiana County. It’s an old bridge, built in 1876 on the centennial celebration of the signing of the declaration of independence. In recent years the road has been moved just a bit so cars no longer drive thru this bridge but it is easily accessible on foot. It crosses a small river in an idyllic wooded setting, and walking thru this bridge is an invitation to let one’s imagination flirt with the past.

Most of my photos of these bridges were taken on a digital camera but I shot a little bit of film on the Fuji GF670. Alas, my beloved GF670 is in need of repairs. It has always had a bad habit of rendering one or two frames per roll completely blank. But it seems to be getting worse. With one roll I only got five exposures, seven with another… And then to add insult to injury, when developing this film I screwed up on one roll. Instead of dunking it in photoflo for the final step, I used the hypo clearing agent… and didn’t notice for a while. Until the film was almost dry and had this strange residue all over it. I quickly rinsed the film again and while it came out clean, it appears some damage was done to several of the exposures resulting in a white clouding in the middle of the frame. So even though I shot a total of three rolls I didn’t get many keepers. Oh well!

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