Winter Colors

Each season has it’s own colors. Spring is a riot of blossoming color, but dominated by the newly emerging green foliage. Hot summers are alleviated by the soothing blue of cool water and more green. Fall is that time when nature’s colors go psychedelic! Hues range from deep red to yellow with endless varieties of orange in between. So what about winter? Well, in most climes blossoms disappear, leaves fall off, grasses turn brown, leaving a rather dull coloring of the landscape. But then something happens and all the visual glory of winter is revealed… yes, it snows! Snow is what brings out the fabulous colors of winter! Object if you like, but scientifically I think white is actually the combination of all colors. So snow can rightfully be thought of as revealing winter “colors”!

Of course this whole discussion may seem pointless since I’m talking about monochrome photography! But if white is the combination of all colors and black is the absence of all colors then I guess in a twisted sort of way, B&W images cover the entire color spectrum; it just doesn’t sort out the particulars very well. Anyway, the beauty of using B&W film in winter is that it captures the “color” of winter rather well.

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