Fogged In

There’s a quiet spot in the woods near our house that doesn’t see many visitors. The name means “Blood Lake” and there is an old myth about a beautiful maiden who didn’t want to get married and eventually threw herself into the lake, which has been red ever since. It’s actually just a seasonal pond that only has water in it during rainy season and something about the grasses that grow in and around it make the water look red. The rest of the time it is filled with green grass or snow.

I hiked up there a while ago on a foggy morning while some of Siebold’s Crabapple trees were still blooming and worked on a roll of Neopan 100. I wanted to capture the sense of being completely fogged in. I ended up hiking out to a larger lake and finishing the roll there.

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5 Responses to Fogged In

  1. Martin Bruntnell says:

    Hi revdocjim,
    Love your site,nice to see a prolific film user.I tend to use Rollei b/w film and buy loads of out of date stock. My favourite processing is with instant coffee ( known as Caffonol ) you get some very interesting results and I put colour and slide film through it. My favourite camera is my Leica 111g. I like to use a 35mm lens on it. I also use 120 film with a couple of old Hassleblads.
    I search out old book stores for anything photographic related. My two best finds are Japanese photo books beautifully printed and superb photographs. I did get halfway up Mount Fuji a few years ago but could not see a hand in front of you due to the freezing fog,I do want to go back.

    • revdocjim says:

      Thanks Martin. I’m not sure if I qualify as prolific but do enjoy the film photography and developing. My favorite developer is Fuji Super Prodol but I haven’t tried any of the more eccentric methods… :)

  2. See you use the Fuji GF670. I have one coming from the States in early November to south India. (120 film/camera non-existent here).

    Any thoughts, hints, … on the GF670 from your shooting experience you could share? Thx Stuart

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