Finally back to film

My last roll of film was shot and developed over six months ago. I’m not sure what happened to cause the long break. Well maybe I sort of know. I belong to two photography clubs. One had their annual exhibition in December and the other one is coming up in February. I didn’t feel like I had many decent images, but was expected to contribute three for each exhibition. Needless to say, I spent the fall feverishly trying to get some acceptable images, and when under pressure I guess I default to digital. Anyway, now the pressure is off and I’m glad to be back into film.

I ran a couple rolls of Acros thru the Mamiya 6 during our holiday vacation. I’m itching to get the big Pentax 67ii out again but haven’t gotten there yet. Hopefully soon though.

I was a bit worried about my chemicals. Last summer I mixed up five liter batches of developer (Fuji SPD) and fixer (Kodak). I wasn’t sure if they would be OK. The initial bad sign was lots and lots of sulfur chunks floating around in my fixer solution. But I filtered it out with a cloth and just used it anyway. It would appear that everything turned out OK.

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2 Responses to Finally back to film


    Nice pictures!

    I’d suggest testing the fixer. One way is to immerse exposed but undeveloped film in it and note the time to clear the film. One rule of thumb is to then fix for 3 or 4 times that clearing time. There are also chemical tests.

    You mention five liter batches. Fixer has a long shelf life but most developers don’t. You might consider mixing the developer in small batches so it gets used up fairly quickly. Just a thought.

    • revdocjim says:

      Thanks for the comments. Normally I would use up five liters of developer pretty quickly and have no problems with shelf life. I simply didn’t realize that I would suddenly be leaving my film cameras on the shelf for six months… I didn’t do any tests on the fixer, but may do so before I try to use it again. When I make a batch of fixer I usually start with five minutes, and then as it gets older I gradually increase the time, eventually hitting ten minutes before throwing it out. I jumped right to ten minutes this time even though I have only used it a few times, and the film came out clear.

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