Spring Thaw

In my last post I complained that it was my first roll of film in over six months. Well, that was just over a year ago! I’ve definitely slowed down when it comes to shooting film. Several months ago I sold my beloved Pentax 67ii to finance the purchase of a new digital camera. Then last week I sold my even finer Fujifilm GF670 Professional to finance the purchase of a lens. So now I’m down to my Mamiya 6, a really beatup Graflex Speed Graphic and several 35mm bodies. But I got inspired to get the Mamiya out today and shot a roll of Neopan 100 Acros. Wow, it’s been a long time!

We still have a decent amount of snow on the ground but this morning it rained for the first time in several months, and it probably won’t be long before the spring thaw is in full force. I may have over developed these a bit as the highs blew out pretty consistently. Acros in SPD only requires 4’15” at 20 degrees but my developer was reading closer to 18 degrees so I followed the instructions and let it sit for 5’30” which may have been too much.

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2 Responses to Spring Thaw

  1. Andrew Barr says:

    You can’t beat a film based image…!

  2. These shots are beautiful, don’t go to digital! :O

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