35mm 135 roll film

This has become the standard film size and there are far more film cameras of this type than any other. Unlike medium format 120 and 220 roll film, this film comes in its own little canister that protects it from the light. You fit the canister into the back of the camera on the left side, pull out the film leader until it reaches the other side of the back and see that it is properly engaged in the take up spool, close the back and advance the film to the first frame. When you are done either you manually wind the exposed film back into the canister, or the camera does it for you; but either way you don’t have to worry about light exposure. There are a few different frame dimensions available for this film but the standard is commonly referred to as 35mm. More accurately, the dimensions are 24 x 36 mm. In the world of DSLRs this size has come to be known as Full Frame, as opposed to the more common APS-C cropped frame sensor which is about half the size.

My cameras that use 135 roll film include the following.

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