Large Format 4 x 5 inch sheet film

These cameras use film sheets that are the size of a postcard. The amount of information one can capture in a piece of film that big far exceeds the resolution of even the very best digital camera. Both of my cameras in this category are field cameras. They fold up into a compact box when not in use. When opened up it’s best to set them on a tripod. It takes a bit of time to take photos with these cameras because after you set it all up you have to compose, which can be very complicated if you decide to use the various camera movements. Then remove the back hood so you can get a loupe on the ground glass focusing screen to get everything in focus. At that point you lock down the tripod, the focus and all the camera movements and insert a film holder in front of the ground glass. Next cock the shutter and set the aperture and shutter speed. Finally remove the dark slide from the film holder and release the shutter. Then quickly reverse the dark slide and put it back in the film holder and remove the film holder from the camera. One photo done!

The other common frame dimension for Large Format cameras is 8 x 10 inches. Those sheets of film are similar to a standard letter sized piece of paper. Everything about it is more expensive, more cumbersome, and possibly more rewarding!??

My 4×5 cameras include the following:

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1 Response to Large Format 4 x 5 inch sheet film

  1. Andrew Barr says:

    Now you’re in my wheelhouse! I use a Cambo Wide 650 (mostly) and Scovill 5×7 plate as well as a full plate Conley.

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