Fujifilm Klasse

This is a very compact point and shoot camera, but is classified as a high end, professional grade rangefinder. The Klasse is only sold in Japan and was first released in 2001. Then a few years later they upgraded it to the Klasse S and Klasse W. The latter has a slightly wider lens.

The Klasse has a highly regarded 38mm f/2.6 lens. The camera can be used as a simple point and shoot in P mode, or there is an aperture priority mode with aperture settings ranging from f/2.6 to f/16 in full stop increments. Normally the camera works in auto focus mode but this can also be overridden, allowing the user to set the focus point manually. Other functions include AE bracketing and EV comp, as well as bulb and slow shutter speeds, a shutter timer, and a variety of strobe settings.

It turns out that this camera is virtually identical to the Rollei AFM 35, which was marketed in Europe and the U.S. I’m not sure which was first but other than the brand markings I don’t see any difference between the two.

As far as I can tell Rollei is no longer marketing film cameras, but to their credit Fujifilm is still heavily invested in the film camera market. The Klasse series continues to be popular here in Japan as well as their incredibly cool medium format rangefinders, the GF670 and the GF670W.

Here are some photos from this camera.

I sold this camera along with some others in June of 2012 to finance the purchase of a Fuji GF670.

11 Responses to Fujifilm Klasse

  1. Ken says:

    Hi Jim

    I recently got a Fuji Klasse and noticed something that is a bit weird. When I set the aperture to say f5.6 and set the shutter to bulb and hit the shutter release, I notice that the aperture blades close down but form a strange shape (ie. not a hexagon, or cirle). It appears as though the aperture blades are not uniform in their shape. Are you able to try the above to confirm that the aperture blades on your Klasse are also similarly ‘mis-shapened’? This occurs on my camera at each aperture between f4 – f16.

    It’s not clear if the aperture blades are sticking together to cause this or if the blades are actually not uniform in shape.



  2. revdocjim says:

    I’ll check it out next time I finish a roll of film.

  3. revdocjim says:

    Yup! Mine is the same.

  4. Matthew says:

    I just picked up one of these in black from eBay and was curious about something. I know on the S and W models you can use custom functions to turn the flash off and have those settings stick once the camera is powered off and then back on.

    Any idea if you can do this with the original Klasse? Or if the settings stick automatically?

    Great site, by the way. I’ve really enjoyed reading your thoughts on your camera equipment. They’re often in line with my own thoughts. Hey, great minds think alike!! :)


    • revdocjim says:

      I’m not aware of any such setting. The default mode is for flash settings to get reset each time the camera is turned off. But I confess to not having read the manual carefully on that point. If there is a custom setting I don’t know how to do it…

  5. Mike Padua says:

    Hello, I have a Klasse S. I notice that after half-pressing the shutter to grab focus, it takes about a second for the lens to move into position to take the picture. Is yours like this?

    • revdocjim says:

      Unfortunately I no longer own the camera so I can’t test it, but I don’t remember it being that slow. I used it for lots of snap shots including on the ski slopes etc. and just clicked away.

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