Minolta Alpha 70

Minolta Alpha 70

Minolta Alpha 70

Minolta Alpha 70

In 2004 Minolta released their final two film bodies, the Alpha 70 (aka Maxxum 70 or Dynax 60) and a smaller/simpler Alpha 40. This two digit series would have been the sixth line but never went beyond these two bodies. The 70 is a mid-range model and the 40 and entry level model. To be honest the 70 hardly feels mid-range. It is rather small, doesn’t have a particularly advanced feature set, and feels very plastic. It was not intended as a replacement for the Alpha 7 in spite of the naming, but it was supposed to be higher than the Alpha 5. A point by point comparison of the specs shows that even this is debatable. As with other models of this era, the 70 is fully compatible with SSM and SAM lenses.

This was the same year Minolta released their first DSLR, the 7D and soon afterwards the 5D. Alas the market for consumer grade film SLRs was quickly coming to an end and this camera represents those final moments of a dying market.

I’ve shot a couple rolls of Fuji Neopan 400 Presto with this camera and found it to work very well! Take a look here.

I sold this camera on June 22, 2012 to help finance the purchase of a lens for my Mamiya 6. It wasn’t worth much but it definitely wasn’t getting used by me.

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