Minolta Alpha 7000

The Minolta Alpha 7000 is of enormous historical significance as it is the first widely marketed auto focus SLR camera with auto film advance. This was the camera that almost single handedly changed the world of photography, and brought functional AF cameras into the hands of anyone and almost everyone. Within a couple of years every other major manufacturer had come out with their AF SLR, but this was the one that started the revolution, way back in 1985.

These days they sell for about $5! I’ve passed on dozens of them, but whenever I see a really nice, clean one I seem to have trouble resisting. I currently own four! And they all work beautifully. For some photos taken with the 7000 see here.

2 Responses to Minolta Alpha 7000

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  2. Mick Kemsley says:

    I have just purchased one I have not put a film in yet just getting to know my way around. I had to smile about changing the memory battery, Return to Minolta !!!

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