Minolta Alpha Sweet II

Minolta Alpha Sweet II

Minolta Alpha Sweet II

This camera was released in 2001, accompanying its big brother, the Alpha 7 and the flagship Alpha 9. In Europe it was the Dynax 5, in the U.S. it was the Maxxum 5. This single digit series was the fifth series of Minolta auto focus SLRs and is the last series with a full line up. This model was followed by the 4 and 3 respectively, rounding out the series.

The Sweet II is a feature rich mid-grade camera that is quite compact and easy to use. It came in silver only and had matching lenses shown below. The AF system is quite advanced and is fully compatible with SSM and SAM lenses.

My copy has a slight discoloration in the viewfinder but otherwise seems to work fine although I have yet to actually put it to the test. I hope to do so soon!

I ended up selling this camera with a bunch more to raise funds for a Mamiya 6 lens.

3 Responses to Minolta Alpha Sweet II

  1. kenjimyoshida says:

    Yep. One of the issues of this camera is the yellow discoloration on the viewfinder. Mine’s stained so severely I actually had mistaken it for cigarette tar.

  2. mario valle says:

    Is it rare in all black?

    • revdocjim says:

      I honestly don’t know. It was definitely produced in both the silver and black versions but I don’t know if one was more common than the other.

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