Minolta X-700

The Minolta X-700 was released in 1981 as the top model of their SLR line prior to the release of the auto focus 7000. For a manual focus camera it has a pretty advanced feature set including full program auto-exposure, aperture priority mode and metered manual mode. It included TTL flash metering, exposure lock and interchangeable focusing screens. Max sync speed with flashes was 1/60. All in all this was a very usable camera and it is only unfortunate that the mount was completely changed with the introduction of the auto focus SLRs.

See some photos taken with this camera here.

2 Responses to Minolta X-700

  1. d.A. says:

    I also have this same camera. Works great and takes some nice pictures. Now i’m looking for a 28mm to pair it with.

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