Previously Owned Cameras

Over the last few years I’ve been fortunate to get my hands on a lot of great cameras. But over time I’ve come to realize which ones I actually use and which ones tend to stay on the shelf. I also have realized that some of the cameras I want most aren’t all that cheap. So I have come to accept the truth that I can’t have them all! Fortunately I have been able to sell some of my less used cameras to help finance the purchase of other cameras I really wanted. But just because I sell a camera does mean I want to eliminate it from this web site. So what you see below are links to the cameras I no longer own.

Asahi Pentax 6×7

Asahi Pentax 645

Fujifilm Klasse

Mamiya RB67 Pro SD

Minolta Alpha 9

Minolta Alpha 70

Minolta Alpha Sweet II

Nikon F3

Wista 45N

Voigtlander Bessa-R

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