Bronica ETRs

After many years and many models of modular medium format cameras based on focal plane shutters, and all designed to shoot 6×6 square photos, the last three models made by Bronica were all based on lens shutters, with several versions of each one, and each of the three models shot a different sized frame. The ETR was first released in 1976 and was designed to shoot a 6×4.5 frame, which was still a fairly new format back then. This is the ETRs, which is the third of four versions of the ETR line and was released in 1979. The ETR line faced some stiff competition from Pentax, Mamiya and others but one thing that made the Bronica unique was the lens shutter that allowed for flash sync at all shutter speeds. There is a rather large lineup of lenses and accessories for this camera but however you choose to set it up it is a great little camera!

I have often chosen to not use a speed grip to give it more of a retro look, although in order to really go retro I should use the waist level view finder, but it’s just too much work without a metered finder. When the speed grip is attached this becomes a very modern feeling SLR that handles a lot like a 35mm SLR but clearly on steroids or something! This camera was given to me in the spring of 2010, brand new, still in the box! An almost unheard of treasure find!!

For photos taken with this camera see here.

The original line of lenses for the ETR are the E series, even though the markings on the lens itself say MC. Later Bronica introduced an improved lens lineup and they are called the PE series. All of my lenses are of the E variety.

5 Responses to Bronica ETRs

  1. revdocjim says:

    Added lens info

  2. brian says:

    Nice looking body. It is the limited production chrome body. It originally came with a chromed back and lens as a commemorative edition. I doubt many were actually bought by collectors, though as it was a professionals’ tool more than a collectible camera. Many years from now like Speed Graphics I do think they will be sought after but still as a vintage user rather than a shelf queen except for those of us who used then and would no sell them for the few quid they currently bring.. I know at this time I’d no part with mine for the average going price. I’d donate it first to some school that still teaches film photography.

  3. revdocjim says:

    I looked into selling this one soon after I received it because I was trying to generate funds for the RB and already had two or three 645 cameras but the prices offered to my by stores were pathetic. I’m glad I kept it and I still enjoy using it a lot! Since the lenses sat, untouched in their boxes for over twenty years before being given to me some of them have slightly stiff focus rings but other than that it works like a charm.

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