Minolta Alpha 7

The Alpha 7 (a.k.a. Maxxum or Dynax 7) was released in 2000, two years after the pro-grade Alpha 9. It is smaller, with a lighter, less rugged build but in terms of features and functions it is practically on par with the 9, and even has a few new features that weren’t available on the 9. These include the LCD screen on the back, and the extremely cool STF function, which uses multiple exposures to mimic the effect of the “mother of all bokeh lenses”, the 135mmSTF. This is an absolutely brilliant function that really should have been included in future models, and especially digital SLRs since not everyone can afford an STF lens, or even use it successfully, given that it is manual focus.

I found this one in the junk bin too. The rubber coating on the outside of the body, especially on the back side had broken down a bit, making it feel sticky to the touch. But when I saw it was selling for $60 I popped a battery in it, attached a lens and guess what? It worked just fine. Generally they sell for between $150 and $200, which is still a bargain compared to what they used to sell for. I felt pretty lucky to get one for $60, and with a little elbow grease the sticky rubber coating cleaned up nicely!

My gallery has a few photos taken with this camera including a sub-folder in which everything was taken in the STF mode. See here.

4 Responses to Minolta Alpha 7

  1. Jim says:

    I have a Minolta maxxum 7 with the same sticky rubber problem. What did you do to clean it up?

    • revdocjim says:

      I used natural citrus cleanser and ended up removing a good deal of the rubber in the process and its still sort of sticky.

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