Dadgum Light Leaks!

OK, first things first. The word light leak usually implies a mechanical failure on the part of the camera. No such thing in this case. After all, we’re talking about the Fuji GF670! I took this beautiful camera with me yesterday afternoon as I headed into the city for a couple meetings. I loaded a roll of Tri-X 400 in Shinjuku as I hunted for a new or used developing tank for 4×5 sheet film that can be used in daylight. I found one alright! But for this Jobo tank and reel they wanted somewhere in excess of 17,000 yen ($170). Sorry, I don’t want it that bad. Problem is I’m not sure if I want it bad enough to take an online risk on one of those no-name brands either… We shall see. So anyway, I shot a few frames on the streets of the west-side of Shinjuku. Then I went to Shibuya for a meeting and when I emerged it was dark out. I opened the aperture to f/3.5 and shot several frames, including a couple of the hands down winner of the “most luxurious convenience store ever” and finishing off the roll from a pedestrian overpass on the east-side of Shibuya. At some point later in the evening, but before getting home, I removed the film from the camera and sealed it… or at least I tried to seal it. After licking the tab I noticed that it wasn’t sticking very well. I re-licked it, tried to seal it tight and stuck it in my bag. Jumping ahead in the story, I developed the film later that night when I got home and discovered to my dismay that the last 5 frames or so were messed up with light leaks. Now whether it was that suspiciously unsticky tab, or whether it was pulling my right hand out of the dark bag to answer that phone call from my wife whose been away for three days and was about to arrive back home, I can’t say for sure. But at some point these frames got exposed to spurious light. Like I said in the title, dadgummit! Oh well, I guess I’ll just have to be more careful next time. So here are a few frames, including the convenience store.

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